Platform Accounting

For firms

Simple acquisitions.
Simple transitions.

We collaborate with you to take out the complexity and anxiety of figuring out a transition plan for your clients, your people, and your firm.

Retiring doesn’t mean walking away.

We believe firm leadership should take an active role in any transition plan.

From transferring knowledge to client relationships we know first-hand the value you bring. So whether you are eager for retirement, a flexible advisory role, or re-energized to stay in the seat long term we’ll craft a plan that preserves your legacy and sets up your firm for continued success into the next chapter.

Care for your clients and team

Client and employee relationships take years to build. We make sure they last for years to come.

Client integration

Multi-generational relationships deserve special attention. With our model and approach, they’ll always get it.

Team retention

When your firm joins Platform so do your people. We are focused on growth and expansion, not trimming headcount and costs. 

Room to grow

Your team gets the same close-knit, flexible environment they love with extra room to expand their careers.

Maintain local autonomy. Keep a local identity. 

We make it easy for local firms to stay true to their roots. You maintain control of client relationships, key decisions, and the day-to-day servicing of your clients. We handle the rest.

Do No Harm

We’re thoughtful about change. Any shifts in how you work are a collaborative effort.  

Build on

We augment your existing team and workflow with more people and services. 

Localized brand

We’ll refresh and expand your brand without abandoning its local feel and presence. 

Financial security

When we invest in a firm, we’re acquiring
more than spreadsheets and numbers — we’re inheriting relationships.

With a holistic view of an organization, we’ve been able to help principals shape their own paths that are both financially and professionally rewarding.