Work with Platform

Accounting isn’t supposed
to be this fun

Platform is a new age accounting firm run by group of seasoned accounting, M&A and marketing professionals – or more simply, by a team of passionate entrepreneurs. We are taking an entirely fresh approach to tax and accounting services. Join us.

More Say

We keep things small and scrappy, and we rely on our CPAs to help us create the firm of the future. You don’t just crunch numbers here—you help us grow.

More Growth

The more we expand, the more your career will too. We don’t believe in ceilings or cubicles. Just potential.

More Ownership

We’re all in this together. And we mean that literally. Working for Platform means ownership in the company—from making critical day-to-day decisions, to company equity in some cases.

We do things a little differently here

From more autonomy to better technology, we’re taking on the accounting world with a brand-new approach to business, which means a better, more interesting opportunity for you.

Bye, Bye Billable Hours

Instead of tracking billable hours, we let you focus your attention on business and clients. Because we believe that value isn’t measured in time.

More than just numbers

At Platform, you’re more than an accountant. You’re a strategic business partner. That means helping clients set their vision and solve real world problems.

Work with technology that actually works

We’re constantly adopting the latest and greatest technology tools. Making work go faster, more impactful and a lot more fun

Bring on the brand

Each one of our offices represents an opportunity to build and be a part of a brand. Faceless and nameless really isn’t our thing. We prefer to stand out.

    Ready to roll up your sleeves?

    If you’re ready to apply your entrepreneurial spirit towards something big, new, and dare we say fun, we’re ready to talk. Drop us a line.